June Conditions

Early June, 2020
Lake Tawakoni, TX

Sun in the sky, the water so inviting,
so easy on the eyes. But you
don’t want to swim anymore
and I’m left scratching my head.

You must have your reasons…
It’s just a shame you keep them hidden.
Could you draw me a treasure map?
Or maybe crawl on up into my lap?

You are the pride of my eyes
and the fear of my heart.
You are my greatest achievement
and my greatest failure.

You are tomorrow’s ambition
and yesterday’s reckoning
gracefully imploring me forward,
gently reminding me of the stakes.

And suddenly,
on a safe, sunny afternoon in June
in a sacred place of perfect peace,
I discover my life’s true condition
and I feel – intimately, acutely –
the helplessness.

Copyright © 2020 by Charles B. Young. All rights reserved. 

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