Upon Realizing My Twin Soul

in that case –

I will look to the future
and to who I see there in it:
You, and a truer version of Myself.

I will look to who I Am
to who I see in the future…
a sturdy, confident, upright,
steady, gentle, vivacious,
passionate, brave,
adventurous human.

I will not say,
“I’ll strive to become
more __ .” No.
I AM those things.
I have only forgotten.

But now, I remember. I know who I am.
I am the Man in future’s reflection.
And rather than ME being the one shocked
by what I see in Him, He is shocked
by what He currently sees in Me.

I am Him.
I have always been Him.
But I have forgotten. For so long.

And You, twin soul, have woken up
the sleeping warrior in me.
His slumber is over, and now
He is hungry. He is ravished.
And he craves the fight.

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