July 19, 2020

And this
is the exact place
where I want you to be.
100% reliant on Me.

In your downfalls,
in your despairs,
in your heartaches,
in your mistakes,
in your bitterness and resentment,
in your acknowledgement of the wreckage….

Unless you have lost everything,
You will have no need for Me.

For why would you need a Healer if you are not sick?
Why call a doctor if your health were not a serious concern to you?

Self-reliance is the enemy of faith.

Fall on your knees.

She can’t be thine lock
if you are not her rock.
And if you lose your hold on Me?
A fruitless yield in Spring’s crop.

And if you both get caught up
in the Trueness that you’re in,
you’ll drink the waters to the dregs
and drown yourself in them.

Can’t be a ballast when you’re broken.
Can’t be a mountain if you’re a hill.

Notice the moments when the universe opens
its heart to speak to Thee, and only Thee.
Attach it no meaning.
For what could you add to improve it?
Leave it alone. Just observe it.
Know it’s existence.
Here. Here.
Be here.

Copyright © 2020 by Charles B. Young. All rights reserved. 

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