Back To Me, Home To You.

Could we carve out some space
Amid the waves and the races
For a cabin in the woods
yon astral tree?

Could we move the singing bowl
To a fortress? Or some vault?
Some place we could rely on?
Or maybe even call “home”?

For it’s true, after all:
The very journey to my heart
was a double-back home
and every room is You.

And the deeper I go
through all the chambers of my soul
the picture grows closer:
a little white fence.

Shoes lined down the hall.
A gentle voice (yours)
coming through the floorboards…
You’re in the den, downstairs.

And I’m caught-up with the thought:
all the twists and turns are not for naught.
She’s sunk for us a pillar, Grace –
reaching depths untold.

I see her slab. Spot the Stone.
And form a smile at the knowing.
All the rock is poured out now, child –
Next comes the settling.

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