Upon Next Precipice

October 15, 2020

I feel as if I’m standing upon the precipice of my path, a scenic overlook just off the shoulder. Beholding the journey. My eyes scan the crags and canyons like fingers, tracing over every byway, every fall, every choice and circumstance and failure below.

And though the air is thinner here, the wind is ever-present on this slope. A gentle soothing of the deeper regions of myself by means of cool kisses on the skin. And I see, feel, know, and experience that I am here… that I am alive… that I am beloved… and that I am.

And the thought strikes me that soon, this place will itself become yet another landmark, viewed from ever greater heights, after an even greater climb and challenge. And the scenic overlook there, in that next place, upon next precipice, will remind an even-wearier soul of what he knew back then, here in this place and moment:

That all will be well.
And all is well.
And will be once again.

Copyright © 2020 by Charles B. Young.
All rights reserved. 

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