Where Did I Park?

Where Did I Park? 
January 15, 2021
Stay here.
For a moment.
On this frequency,
In this place.

 I want you 
 to notice
 the location.
 Right here. 
 Mark the vibration
 with astute awareness
 of your soul's precise position.
 Here is a place. 
 Like a spot you pick to park
 with letter, number, and row.
 Save it. Like a parking lot card.
 You'll need it later. 
our exact coordinates 
are the breath
the inner flow 
and the letting go.

 It does not just “come upon” you -
   it is a place.
 It does not leave or go -
   it is a place. 
 It does not move, nor can it -
   it is a place. 
 It will always be there -
   it is a place.

 The place is located
 on that particular frequency 
 where breath runs like rivers 
 and quenches every inner thirst
 with a cool, satisfying peace.

 When you are furthest from that place, 
 You will doubt. 
 You will observe what is
   with the same senses 
   while on another frequency
   and on an "other" vibration
   and suddenly 
   its different
   and you panic.

 Where’d the sureness go? 
 That steady flow? 
 Why’d it up-and-fly away? 

 And as your day 
   slides back into “normal" life
   you stuff and cope and blame
   and redefine 
   and rationalize 
   what your very "is" is...
   what's true.

 You know, heaven isn’t a “place”
   (at least as people intend to say).
 It’s not contained by geography’s maps. 
 It is, however, on a firm and steady plain 
   both very far and away
   and present here with you

 Did you forget where it is?

Your car is in that place it's parked.
Check the coordinates on your parking card. 
What’s our frequency?
Turn down your dials and
tune into You and
meet me in the underground garage.

 Copyright © Charlie Young 2021. All Rights Reserved. 









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