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Art: “Worlds Apart” by Andy Kehoe

In each of us there is a potential for wholeness, for bringing the conflicting parts of ourselves together in a synthesis. We have a simple name for this totality of the individual: Jung called it the “self.”

The self is the sum of all the divergent forces, energies, and qualities that live within you and make you who you are—a unique individual. The self is the balanced, harmonious, symmetrical unity at the very center of one’s being, which each of us senses within. But we rarely experience the self with our conscious mind; we rarely have that sense of unity and wholeness. We feel ourselves usually as a chaotic mass of conflicting desires, values, ideals, and possibilities, some conscious and some unconscious, pulling us in many directions at once.

The work of “enlightenment” is to make conscious these divided and conflicting parts of ourselves, to wake up to the primordial unity that joins them. To awaken to the unity of the self is the great goal of our psychological evolution, the Pearl Without Price, the object of our deepest longings. It is this possibility that is manifested by the dual masculine-feminine nature of the psyche.

– Robert A. Johnson, “We”: Understanding The Psychology of Romantic Love, 48.
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