i have u
 trapped in 
 my very chest

I just 
came here 
say too bad too
late you're not ever 
leaving sorry not sorry
TOUGH homie don't blame
i didnt put you in here - as if I
even ever would are you kidding me
i asked for the spirit of God so wtf is this
heart isn't a best friends bed and breakfast so 
shoo shoo - dude WHAT how are you in here how
did you get here and what the hell kinda accent is that? 
Don't do you know i'm from Texas? Can you even go on roller
or just the
kid ones 


 look bra you
 are stuck in there &
 good luck changing it yo
 because1 im not god and 2 I 
don't own a first aid kit let alone have
a heart surgery degree and Im pretty sure if 
I DID I wouldn't operate on myself but i know
without a mothafahkin medical degree that people 
don't live in rib 
cages so what
is. the. deal.

 I asked God
 for him and only him
 so clearly the gate code broke 
 or maybe she snuck in there somehow
 or maybe i really really really need to deny 
my self more and blame my self for things I can't
control and 
maybe i can own
up to what i 
did do wrong

 oh &
 hey um
 since I have
 you here, just in
 case you request it
 no i don't have a key and
 no you're never getting out 
and ill tackle ur fiesty ass like a
 freshman linebacker a day out of juvi
and put a
frog in ur


 and slap
 some mud 
 right on your face
 and let you do the same
 to me, acting like u got me 
 keeping it a secret that I let you 
 win and then id find the key to your lil
 cage & toss that bitch right into the lake &
 then throw your snakry ass in after i fist SLAP that
sunscreen on my skin just kidding i dont wear any goddamn 
sunscreen i have native in my blood and and id shout that out
too at the top of my lungs at you, give ya the big from-the-belly
Commanche war cry that even the tree's grandfathers probably hadn't even 
heard, nor their grandfathers either, and I'd point to the key location with an 
deadly indian staff - which just so happens to be the sticky end of this half-melted bomb-pop that im having a difficult time keeping its stick from my face so lemme finish this sucker right off - its for the indian brave stick game you see - its just a popsicle - cant a man even GHOSTWRITE his own truths on as a means to owning them? but back to that bombpop cuz ill watch your non-verbals and no exxxaaaaaaaaactly what youre feeling and saying because unfortunately for you we can't hide from each other and we like it that way, love it that way, need it that way, will not tolerate it any way other than that way because there is no fear in
love on the inside 
dammit me too and 
thats scary and 
oh we both are 

try to 
make up for it 
and grab 2 bullfrogs 
and sing into em like twin
microphones with ribbiting echoes
and just jump
into the air 
down into you-
you with a new
bombpop and no 
where to go for
oh, hows about we
wake the sun up 
w/ noise complaints
from allll theeee
fuuuckingg LAUGTER
we make in our soul 


 and ill throw 
 one of them to you
 and you take that poor frog
 and make him think he's Tina Turners mic
 dance and dance dance dance dance in the sun
 and here comes another frog thrown at your head 
 ok im sorry no more frogs but what about mud though...
 just a lil
 just a lil
 just the ti

 hell i'll
 even throw myself 
 of the cliff edge our fav
 high dive in town, and ill show
 you my impression of a monday morning
 Cornell class if the Don had won the election
 which everyone knows the best damn kinda bullfrog
 dance in town and who would wanna miss that shit?!?!
answer: lots of people just start with kankles and her crew
and then head upstairs and to see all the rest of them (skip the
hommie in the middle 
which is def where
we have his sexdar 
cuz that one is DIFF

of rules and 
breaking them 
like a BOSS 4 dayz
how are my building's
favorite Kankles? Mmmm I 
can feel the spring comin on
and those skirts she wears like 
she came from a fashion show at the 
church house right off the Little House
on a prarie lot where shes singing songs about
someone she doesn't even really know aint that sad
in the office
the size of a class
without any grass
and can kiss my

I just say don’t make the rules here and im not sure 
if you know about doc stuff but Im pretty sure a heart surgeon 
doesn’t wake his patient’s ass Up in the middle of the surgery &
say in that doctory voice "mmmyeah sorry to disturb you mr Johnson but 
we were wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking a look In this latest issue 
of Hearts Illustrated and select your choice of IDEAL WOMAN to be transplanted
since we've already got you popped open like a clamb on Sunsay brunch There are oh 
um about 5 billion models in there so just hit your Nurse button which you’ve found the occupant best suited for you oh and by the way would you like Us to go ahead and check gut flora since we already have you peeled upon?

--dong --


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