“Conversations” With God (I)

Do you remember the Greek exam?

It happened, that moment, because of what you chose to do in soul
to take a step back,
to see it for what it is,
to accept the faults that were yours
to leave no room for blame,
to face the fears of facing Acceptance.

The freedom of burden when Acceptance rushes in
the realization of its essence as a weighty kiss
disguised by the form you experienced it in.

You remember it well. The story’s entire arc. And the lesson.

So, What’s THIS current Lesson’s theme?

Recognize the music?


Luke ….. Is this a…LOSS?


Or, is this a pruning of the garden? Carefully selected cuttings that cultivate a crop?


And if it’s the latter,
doesn’t this pruning mean your greatest joy?

Could it possibly be that all the words you’ve been reading and singing since the age of the crib are more like the fairytales you’ve heard all your life?

There’s something of them in you.
In the stories. In the Truths of them.
And the Truth of their being rattles the womb.

DO you believe the words you speak and read?

Abide in Me.
If you do, then ask for anything.
Just give me your faith.

Surrender unto me all you hold back from healing.

Stay here, grounded in the knowing of your Assurance.

You see it [Assurance], momentarily- when a soulful surrender blows ripples across life great stage curtain, causing a glimpse behind.

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