Liberty Bels

is the close of my life's 
most recent chapter: "and hath descended 
into Hell" the title of which took several years
 to finish because some descents take a bit and maybe some need extra
upgrades hear Me


How could 
anybody deny you? How? I cant
believe I ever did. HOLY holy HOLY.
the stories I have behind this bell of heaven & hell
the writing of an entire library.  hello i hear you loud 
and clear- and what i cool way to teach me through TS, you
genius of a thing you're so goddamn beautiful who is like you
and you even think of you in comparison with another person is 
like - so wrong cuz you're bigger than than its like - you're an 
entire universe of genius and love and giddy delight in seeing
your children sparkle with life and wonder on the inside amid
this whole thing is makes every story ive ever read or seen sound
cool but lame like its only singing one part of a song when theres 
these tones right now in this song -the one ringing out -out of my chest
out of my life out of my lips out my hands out of heart out of my soul out
of my gifts out of my love out of awareness out of my worst out of my deep
dark deepest darkest lightless blackest infinite figure-eight'ing loop of darkest 


this story imho
makes all other stories
like - all of them - seem so
suddenly, peculiarly, hilariously


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