How Could Anyone Deny You

How could anyone ever deny you?

Answer: a different kind of “fear.”
The kind I see and read about
in every single story where
any character is suddenly
completely overwhelmed
by the knowing of a thing.

The knowing of something
the reality of existence
IS – in its own full-circle way
The monster that bumps in the night.
The wolf.

Whether its
moses and the bush
arthur and the stone
or simba and the stars

truth can feel like such a scary monster

not by force or external circumstance
but simply by the weight of truth.
overwhelmed not from earth or man

or anything at all external
but by
every single story and telling of truth and divinity,
from Gilgamesh to Godzilla.

Truth exists
and you can prove its the existence
through empathy.

it is the reality that makes men tremble before gods

It is the knowing of it – empathizing and reverberating with it- that one can stand before truth as if standing before a god. Fear
in the sense that I am completely
overwhelmed and exposed by something
so real but can’t see and it makes me feel out of
control – but some times, like, out of control. Completely.
Like, there’s only Wonder, watching.
But if “watching” suddenly meant
“living at the same time”
that doesn’t feel like hell at all but more like Eden
where coverups and cloths and shame
aren’t monsters in the night that could eat me
but the cutest kids
adorable nuggets
the softest realest
trembling sweethearts
who really only need a big
big big big big big big big big hug
and maybe a snacky snack too please
lets let this adorable thing rest he must
be so exhausted. Your endurance was so
impressive we custom orderd you a trophy
its in the mail and
“looks like” looks like and a sense of …
“feels like” sets in and… light and truth
and a whisper of “hush little Feary
dont say a word……”

are all so silly standing
before a God whose name is Love.

Fear of what?

“Act like its real, even when its not”


To feel. To reverberate. To empathize. To say, without words, “I know something…” and feel the weight of its truth. Like a warm coal, in the chest.

like a feeling, but suddently

it’s fact.

And it’s truth… it’s quite weighty.

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