How To Train Meego

The lifeblood of the city and the
dildo on the tastebuds you LOOVE

See that key hole over there?
Im gonna swan dive full sprint
like atn – oh my monster…. y
but hold on – heres some play costumes while you say it
you cute adorable FEROCIOUS thing!!!!! cant wait to get you outside

See, some souls have a special “adhd” (well if it can be called that
a better word would probably be “magic” but we know that some
words are so truthful they can hurt and thats ok (triggers…how peculiar of a choice….
no no no no no don’t shoot me that word it hurts

heres coms. 1 2 3 close your eyes


(no bang?)

open your eyes

wait – im sorry
i don’t mean to laugh at you
you’re just gonna wanna remember this when you’re smaller trust me
let me grab my camera so i can snap a pic – honeyyyyyyyyyy grab the
cameraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa look how big he got! Holy moly!
Ego, I really appreciateou you taking over
while I was away. I bet that was scary, huh….
Abandon? oh my what a wonderful descriptive word
what did that feel like? Tell me all about it..I bet that was scary huh
flailing around in the dark
like a little blackbird
in a deep and scary forest
without his nest
without his wings
just malformed
guides in the sky
a moon to point to the cold fear of failure
a sun to bring the searing heat of truth and loss
both of them
pushing you
into the corner
like a
oh sweet child
oh sweet child
its gonna be ok
its gonna be ok

how could
their own

you just sit here and soak and while and
nap and rest and doze off
while i climb up on to your terrible
and ill just toss this
what do you mean “what remote” what th
doesn’t really matter its just an object i’ll take that Self control now – oo i know
thats scary sounding just remember that
light feels that way. Well what did you expect?
what do you think love is, after all?

Whats the warmth of a hug
the saving of a soul
the hope in dark
if not for empathy
the knowing
if not for empathy
MY my my little firecracker u are
mmm i like it
lemme slay u
with water
for washing

without his
and a song
I can empathize that feeling…. if
A soul
was neglected
to such a degree
for how you
Scary? Well i mean, big beautiful beast
this THING this
you are what a FORCE

see? that wasn’t so bad now was it
yes it will take you some time to adjust
yes yes yes i know listen this is normal how you feel
too is normal we urge )

words can be silly now
and mine has a fourth type called type – ♾

(which, having been to all light and then to all black and back again
in the span of a single second
within a single moment
and sees himself
on stage
with everyone looking – the very
last one in the world to see –
seems about as true as I could say it)

i think i might name it “The ALL Type”


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