Do not delay
Run quickly to the Arken door 
at the downpour of my Grace. 
A hand, My own, shall be the boat
you float upon this flood. 

Watch in awe - and tremble. 
See the wasting away of everything made;
places, faces - all. 

Learn that pain
you’ll never fully know like I do:
to love them all, watch them all,
sinking - gone. 


Yet I shall be 
the Hand that shuts you in
as these the geysers spring 
this Flood of Grace, a never-again

Float on the water. 
Listen as the tigers growl, uncaged, 
as the monkeys cackle on about their stripes

and laugh. 
Laugh and laugh again 
seize em all by twos
and make a floating zoo
for the Nations to sing about

© 2021 Charlie Young, All Rights Reserved 

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