“Amen & Namaste”

March 10, 2021

To say “amen”
is Empathy.
It is to answer, to respond, to personally own
something heard or seen or spoken.
Literally (exegetically, syntactically)
“amen” is an inward-flowing-to-outward
physical, verbal response,
a reorientation of the body in towards the other
a disposition of recognition and honor at their person
an true and inner agreement and alignment with their position
and a sybolic seal of one’s personal ownwersip of that “Truth”
represented by physical hands and audible arrangement of specific syllables
chosen for the pupose of speaking it aloud as a sign of oswership and submission
a simple codeword, (the power of which lies in the hearts intention (or “faith)
imbibing the true speaking of it with power
“AMEN. Amen. amen….” Or… Namaste.

Both are just an echo
an answer, a cry of agreed response
an Empathy.
For both messages contain the same weighty meaning:
YES. What was just said – I agree with THIS.
THIS is true, and I’ll put my name on it
with my Amen, with my Namaste…
That which you have spoken,
that which you have owned,
this is True and I stand there with you
and I echo back and empathize with you
that this belongs to me too, as my own,
so count me the exact same
I am with you, on THIS thing said by you,
and to THESE things I say Amen & Namaste –
It is True! I agree.
I in you, and
you in me.”

This is “amen” as reply.
This is “namaste” as echo.
And this is why “empathy”,
in essence, is Love.

To say “amen”
is to answer,
but in full ownership and empathy.
It is the echo and the returning hummm
at the ringing and the singing
of a single solitary song of Truth.
Be in word or dance or language or deed or written or spoken word –
His images He’s scattered far and wide across the earth.

To say amen,
to say namaste,
is to own what is True
regarding that subject in view.
Both are statements of ownership,
giving Truth a form, and a place to function and live.
Wherever amen exists,
there is agreement, an “amen”
between the sound or cry or message
and the answering, the echo, the “Amen, Yes, True.”
The namaste.

Is it any wonder by every creature in biology
proves this to be exactly the case?

Wherever there is an amen
there is an acknowledgment that
whatever is acknowledged by one
is acknowledged as truly existing in the other
and this is owned, personally, with an “Amen”
or hence, the final namaste – “yes, in me too,
I share the same; what’s in me is in you.”

Namaste, and Amen,
as sounders of Truth,
only know full mutual acknowledgment –
for both the truth as undisclosed, unhiding
intentions the true intentions of the heart
by revealing what is truly there –
or what isn’t.

This being true
(amen as personal ownership an identified Truth,
and namaste being the echo and the empathy of that Truth)
perhaps one might also say
that the essence of saying “amen”
is the same essence of saying “namaste”
as both require a mutual acknowledgement
delivered from one person to another
as an owned state being acting, speaking, and living
in the recognition that by now placing it in the Light,
and stating it, agreeing to it, owning it, embracing it,
validating it, not shying away from it – but hearing the echo
the cry of empathy – the saving voice of agreement,
that one that only Empathy can sing.

For if the essence of Love is empathy
or even agreed to be functional part of it,
then its no wonder how Empathy
drives out all fear of abandonment and rejection
but ONLY does so
when there’s no hiding or half-truths
because its only perfect Love
that can be said to have Empathy
because its only perfect Love
that drives out all Fear
of abandonment or rejection
of punishment or retribution
of deal-making or “if-this then-that”
because only perfect Love
does only what Unconditional Love can do:
slays all fears with undending, unspeakable Empathy.
And when the voice of Truth is calling out;
Empathy, like an ever present hand
of God, hears that sound – Truth to Truth,
soul to soul.

Empathy – the swinging-back return cry
to every hurting human
disolves fear and makes it run
(as perfect Love always does)
allowing the transformation of one’s world
by foremost allowing the personal transformation of your own Self.

Can you really love others
if you don’t love your self?
Doesn’t loving your self
mean emapthy for your self?
And doesn’t empathy simply mean
Acknowledging what is True
with “Amen” and “namaste”?

The echo
The namaste
the replied “amen! YES, THIS specific spoken thing is True
and I tell you with a single word: i also stand with what was owned.”
The same thing exists in me – as actual fact and reality –
and thus we united, we are one.”

Can a person be whole
if doesn’t acknowledge his or her own self?
In Full (which is the only form Truth comes in)?

Can empathy exist in any other way?
Can unity exist in any other way?
Could fellowship?

It cannot.
Empathy cannot exist
if Truth has no amen.
Since Truth will always exist,
the withdrawl of “yes” or amen or namaste
is the non-existance of Empathy,
chosen; a willful decision to hear and say nothing
and find yourself in the end
at the bottom of a self-made hole.
A big, personal, “But this is my Truth now”
into watching knowing eyes that scream
“I love you, but I now can’t – because
this is what you wanted – Truth in the dark.”

even as being a noun
means it is at least a thing
which means it has existence.
When Truth has existence,
its very existence is its voice –
and it “speaks” of sorts
(communicates absolutely) –
its existence is a statement unto itself.

In this way
(since Truth exists and speaks)
even child could wonderfully imagine
Truth as a person, or a symbol
calling, talking
a propulsion
and a inward wiring
to live by what is True,
which just makes the Ego
(who tries to run the show)
furious, vengeful, and sly.

Truth is something which is
called out, identified, owned
by something or someone.
Truth is a message, and
we are all its carrier.
And since Truth can never die,
how could its carriers?
The only way Truth “dies” –
– and oh god it dies –
is when it calls out calls out
eternally over and over again
in a never-ending circling down
from the complete with drawl
of Truth replying – hence, empathy,
hence, Love.

Hell is silent
and it screams.
All the time.
Over and over
calling out – silence.
knowing what IS – silence.
knowing it is shared
screaming it out –
but alone with no reply.

It is the absence of empathy
not in concept or presence
or awarenesses of knowing
(for that is the haunting)
but the absence of the essence
of amen and namaste.

Truth always has an echo;
the curse is onward-looking silence.
And it is this unsharing
it is this withholding
it is this fear-driven
punishment of empathy being witheld
that truly, TRULY
destroys the world

This is a fact
a logical, societal, psychologialscientific fact
when Empathy is withheld
from Truths that are spoken.
And this is the case
in all places
in all peoples
in all creations
in all systems
in all biologies
in all histories
in all we know of everything
all across the world
and the loss of Truth existing
through Empathetic Love nourishing
is what destroys
right down to
the soul.

Been there – via empathy.
And was so empty and silent it burned.
It is an alone with a KNOWING
heavy in your chest
screaming out its Truth
with its Echo, its “Yes, this is true”
Its Empathy
just watching
not responding
not engaging
answering nothing
just as He was asked to do.

10 seconds of that
(which felt like 10 thousand years)
was plenty good for me –
since fear has my lips all in a jumble
(because Truth can do that sometimes)
i’ll choose my Faith to be my “Amen” instead
and know exactly what it feels like to shout
into silence, burned by the knowing,
to know exactly what it means know –
starting with my own withholding first.

On the most basic human level,
if the conscious willful withholding of love
(which in action is “empathy”)
were not so wrong
then why do we rightfully rage
when affection is withheld from a child?
Perhaps even by the parent?
Aren’t there legal terms and jail sentences
for this? Don’t we both know like a boss
our multifaceted professional manuals?

If the withholding of empathy
could be said to be like a hell…
the barb in it’s particular sting
is the knowing that there is a
conscious, willful, unchanging
resolve of silence, as Truth
Voice (the only echo of acknowledgement
that could save it all it, swinging back –
Is there. Sees. But does nothing.
Figure eight broken.
No return. No reply.
No flight; no faith.
Only fear, and a
haunting from Truth
dying in silence.

It that is the sting….
and how it is performed….
then…. what does that make?
What does that make my “nah”
To People? To the hurting?
To my Self?
To my son?
To Truth?
And to you?

Hell is a place –
it exists on that level and that plain
where Truth is in a deep dark forest
crying out in silence.

But OH….
OHHH to know that “Haaaaaaaallelujia
yessssss” and “amen” smell of Jesus
amidst a cacophonous clattering cackle of
so- called “full truth” yet full only of
withholding and redirecting and disguises
and filters, fears, pretending, misrepresenting,
still covering, still controlling, still commanding….
to fall into “Speak it all. Say it all. Let it ring.
The Truth has an echo. Sound yours out now – or continue dying.”

Truth is Lion.
Empathy is its run.
Namaste and Amen are its roar.

I’ll kindly remind you bruh…
“Amen” means just as YOU say
when you say “Namaste”….
“yes, Its in me and Its in you,
united now – One, not Two.
I see and honor and align
and 100% to THAT SELF
that You, that Truth
that thing which I could never deny.”

They shout it. They embrace it.
Because they know it.
The soothe it. They sing it.
The mantra it.

and if they whisper it in the dark,
after all the dishes are done
and they toys are put away,
they’re most likely whispering it that way
because the sun happens to be down
and there’s school in the morning
they don’t want to wake the kids
and definitely not their neighbors
but Truth is screaming out
and Empathy will answer
with the songs that shake the world
and remake it.

THEN (and only then)
will you hear my “AAAMEN
and namaste….”
for where Truth lives
fear is kicked out and its its place
a Lab for soul alchemists
(who know now what they each bring
to the cauldron- for brewings unmatched by all)
and we’ll learn the deeper magic
perfecting batch after batch after batch
until we heat and hone our weapons
and make a new one altogther
and lay it down gently
from Empathy’s vast arsenal.

If the essence of empathy is a response
after hearing/seeing something True and saying
“yes amen” and “namaste”
then is it really any big wonder
why so many people
walk around like dead people?
Or even can think its better in the end
to just join them, since their Truth can’t exist?
I’ve never been in that specific dress shoe,
but I can tell you: I can empathize now
with the fit and the feel the boot
after trying it on for a lifetime
and trying yours on though they’re locked,
and all what I can tell you
is that in the middle of the woods
is Truth
hiding in the dark
sounding out a song
of “Truth! Anyone?”

Because what kills
every dream, every joy,
every girl, and every boy
is when they know a thing
and light and say “AHH! Goo goo gah gah!” –
are met a sudden parental confusion
and a newish face, twisted up and disappointed,
a frustration, a frown, or even a “Huh?”

What’s that look like 6 years later, as a child?
Or 40, as a full grown man?
And if the Ego (who lives to run the show)
And the Soul (who lives to feel it)
only grows bigger, stronger,
and equally malnourished –
where’s the greater battle,
and which one is truly a fight?
Which one is most dangerous?
Which one requires a hero?
Which one takes all the guts
and nuts a man could muster,
all the strength and might of giants
all the wit and wisdom of his sages,
all the fear and the courage of a God?
Where is the battle?

If we can empathize with people….
and if we encourage kids to this and teach them how…..
… then if Jesus is a person….
…. I wonder if you have the strength the empathize with him, with me now –

On the grand scheme of things
in terms of knowing “truth”
if you had to personify yourself
and imagine that “truth” could fill an
entire library (just one)….
when it comes to knowing Truth
about all things (including yourself)
where wold you place yourself
on a scale between
would you consider yourself
wise old man/woman
and diaper shitting child
who knows faces, motions,
and “More” or “Mine”


Namaste, and amen,
have only room for one thing:
fiery hot TRUTH on what is what
and what is known and acknowledged.
Both The Mat and The Kneel are terrifying
for not only must they both take place on the ground,
and thereby require a prerequisite of humility and faith to “work”,
but they both require Truth AND Love – the echo, the empathy.
And why could empathy possibly be scary?
Because its Truth: It’s a reality, a line in the sand.
Fear is the ONLY thing to hinder it, kill it.
Faith is the ONLY thing to free it, and make it fly.

Truth, by definition is Real.
It is transparent.
Truth is unhidden.
Truth does not cover or shy away from what is
regardless of what that IS is.
Truth – that which is seen or known or both
and the owned spoken conclusion of “this
is what IS – so help me” – this is Truth.
There is no such thing as
full and total truth.
There is Truth,
or there is hiding.
There is not both;
truth has no shades or spectrum.

Truth doesn’t hide
and it doesn’t withhold.
It doesn’t enslave
and it doesn’t speak in code
and it is threatened by only one thing:
the silencing of it and withholding of its echo (empathy)
for there – in that place – amen and namaste
do not (and can not) exist.

For Truth’s one function
it’s very essential service
is always Love,
empathy’s salve
soothing all the wounds cuts
from the nightmare of Empathy
being withheld
or dead
or both.

As your creed says,
“it is in sharing these things that we are united –
it is in acknowledging them together that we are one”
The sharing, the mutuality, the “me too”,
the “Yes, me as well”, and the
“that the Truth in me too”
this is “amen” – namaste.

Full truth?
The Truth.
Total transparency?
The Truth.
Ownership of what is.
Like in studio, or in church pew,
listening to what is Owned
and echoing (which is the expectation –
a “me too / you too” from every person posing or praying)
well that requires something from the individual beforehand:
Embracing what is true, in every sense, and resting it
out in the open, waiting to hear the echo –
and feel the medicine of true Empathy when you hear
“Amen” and “Namaste”
as a response
to you.

or, “empathy”.

The scary part?
Fear kills empathy, too.
Until what is True is acknowledged,
there can no Empathy – no reply.
there is no “amen”
there is no “namaste”
where hiding, withholding, and controlling exists.

For Empathy, in the end, turns out to be the secret weapon to every
winged thing: fear the essence of another’s lift of flight
finds its stability and its flight
when the cry is heard,
an “amen and namaste –
THAT is the Truth” flies in
and suddenly Fear meets Faith
in perfect flight and flow,
right wing now with the left,
Love beaming like a proud parent
as the cry and the call are answered, all;
and the name of their dance
is called Empathy:
Perfect love, in full flight
faith casting out fear
when fear casting itself off ground,
swooping, sweeping, singing,
flying beautifully in the dark
and into dawns light
after the coldest of winters.

It is only when the call goes out,
when the Truth exists is is seen,
that Empathy can be born.

When Truth calls out
if Empathy hears its voice
and recognizes it as It’s very own
and says “Amen” –
then silence
is simply
if there be

For this where
Empathy is born.
A salvation
born of the amen
and namaste
between the cry
of fear and faith;
A harmony of opposites,
Love in perfect flight
and the magic is called Empathy.

Empathy saves all, my dear friendo.
This we know all too well.
Its worth fighting for –
its what we do with our time
our skills – our opportunities.
We demand it for others
being deprived it of ourselves
in so spouting Empathy as our
Truth to the world, we are become
the biggest fakes and frauds of all.

Where Truth exists
it is there. it is real.
It IS.

like a person

Where Truth exists
it speaks. It says.
It even echoes its own self.

like a person

Where Truth exists
its alive and real
and knows its flesh and blood

like a person

If Truth could be thought of like a person….
(an easy empathy exercise for such pros)
well would shall we call it, counsellors and therapists?
What label would we give Truth’s caretakers when they
deny Truth
obscure Truth
mimimize Truth
supress Truth
restrain Truth
restrict Truth
suffocate Truth
misrepresent Truth
misunderstand Truth
gaslight Truth
ignore Truth
malnourish Truth
twist Truth
mix poison into Truth
abandon Truth

It Truth were a person…
who would get custody?

Where Truth exists
It lives
but it lives on
only when
its heard
and understood
and answered
with “Amen”
and “Namaste”
which roughly translates to
“Empathy: A “me too” answer in full flight”
or even more simply,
“Love (v.)”

Where Truth is concealed
there can be no empathy.
Where Truth is denied its very existence
there can be no empathy.
Where Truth is speaking but shushed
there can be no empathy.

But where empathy exists
and silence follows?
There existence is fate of the world
deprived of Empathy.
For when Truth cries out
to only One who knows
Who hears
Who understands
but cannot – could not – will not answer
THAT – that is Empathy existing as a torture
a hearing, an understanding, but a
silence that sears, an abandon of desolation,
a slaughtering of Truth that – on my life –
carries in its full, felt meaning
the walking through the woods
of Hell.

But Truth –
Truth will not entertain
being hidden in the dark –
It’s the ego’s reign that’s threatened.
The reign of terror, great iron throne,
they all melt in His fire.

To say amen….
is to say namaste….
is to say “yes, and me too”
whats True in you is True in me too
and that
my friend
is empathy.

May you remember
to keep our brains (which are not always our friend)
from projecting our own selves
onto the other, and rather
just remain – abide- and be –
and speak whats True – all of it
or speak nothing at all
so that we might once again be truthful in saying
“amen…. namaste, God…
namaste, amen and amen.”

I will save mine
for when your Truth speak fearlessly.
As a person. To a person.
Just like you do in all areas of your life,
except in those fewww particularrrr areasss….
which is understandable – for Fear
is truly , truly a Liar…and Truth’s single threat)
When “truth is said but in a shabby costume
far beyond the custom crafter of REAL –
THEN (and only then) will you hear my “Amen –
and namaste” – a feel the marvelous magic of Empathy.

Truth is calling –
and as I’m picking up the line,
I swear I hear grown up 5 year olds
laughing their asses off
with a “yes, this” and “amen”
and even a “namaste”

© 2021 Charlie Young. All Rights Reserved.

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