The Failure

“There are those who will abandon you in your darkest hour. To them, you are too dirty, too broken to be rescued. With a clap of their pure white hands, they will “pray you off to their gods” and walk away, happy to have rid the flock of the unclean. Yes, there are those…

But there are also those who will see past the dirt and the blood that covers you, they will realize that your combative flailing against their love is just a delirium… the helpless kind of delirium only someone at the point of death has ever known. These are the ones who will choose to kneel with you, they will choose to cover up your rawness in their arms. They will accept the bruises you’ve inflicted as necessary marks of your recovery, and they will never give up hope for your revival.

This, then, is where you must choose: You must not let the abandonment of the first group jade you agains the affections of the second. Trust them. Rest in them. Allow them to heal you. And when you are finally whole, when you are finally clean, when you are finally able to stand, DON’T!! Find someone you can kneel beside and revive them just as you have been revived. This is the real circle of life!!

That is the redemption is in us all!”

– David Henderson, M.D. in PSYCHED 31: The 31-Day Mental Detox to Cleanse Your Mind and Empower Your Soul.

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