Rooftop Talks With Jim

Now I know what ol Jim feels like
everytime Batman takes a leap off the roof
in the middle of their conversation
In a frustrtation goddammit if you dont get this right
and in pain – part of me will die forever
and a torturethe mess ups, the “speak ups”, the “shut ups” – survey says ‘not likely’ but somehow, each time….
and the seriousness – doesn’t he understand, NOW?

Oh the faith of a mustard seed….

What if I have already given you, as evidence, for your very own eyes….
that there are troves of it?
Well, if I knew it would be needed, I would.
Because i’m batman
And so – BOOM – the camera is suddenly plugged in.
isnt it.
hmmmmmmmmm??? see????

How about a mustard seed, Jim?

Written juuuuuuust for you?
Hold please

**ORACLE:** Listen in, you’re needed here.
Remember a tiny note he dropped? Kitchen?

Wife’s permission – as always –
ask HER the meaning of
of mustard seed
and why a note was dropped in the kitchen
(They are, after all, “family” they said)

Ive got loads of it. Hours of it, recorded. written. done.

If you’ve got the key to the cave, its there, on the desk after
all my battles (ask sam wise // Alfred to show you where that is)

he’s been here once before (no one else has visited though)
The Big man tells us to travel in 2’s, after all – everywhere you go.
Oh and tell him imma take a lil nap now but he and Robin and Nightwing and Oracle
and Damion and anyone else in the family –
can come as well,
anytime they need,
just know that my gospel loving
ignorant, foolish, prideful, manipulative, lying, failing, trying, succeeding, reeling, selfish ass of a self
is in the bed, sleeping, as instructed by your people,
dreaming and hoping – oh God I hope they get this right

Here I stand
I can do no other

Oh and I see the bags in your eyes buddy – I do – but
pardon ME for being the d-bag of a knight that had to
be such a cave-dwelling dark good guy dangerous guy
the darkest and besstest parts of Master Wayne
but this guy only does his stuff
in JESUS mighty name.
Yes. Him. Of the Triune One-in-3.
Hows that for somethin.
Period. On the record. As always – for those with eyes to see
But those that know the soul
Just know.
And they are few
But they know.
Oh God i hope they do.

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