Choose To See

“Other People do not have to change For Us to experience Peace Of Mind.”

“With peace of mind as our single goal, forgiveness becomes our single function. Forgiveness is the vehicle used for collecting our miss perceptions and for helping us let go of fear. Simply stated, to forgive is to let go.

Our first step in mind retraining is to establish peace of mind as our single goal. This means thinking of ourselves first in terms of self-fullness, Not selfishness. The second step is forgiveness.

Many of us become frustrated when we make the mistake of trying to love others as the first step. In light of our past distorted values and experiences, some people simply seem unlovable; because of our faulty perception of their behavior, it is difficult to love them.

When we have peace of mind as a single goal, we can then take the second step, forgiveness, and choose to see others as extending Love, or being fearful and calling for help in the form of Love. With this new perception, it becomes easier to give both total love and acceptance to the other person and therefore to experience inner peace at the same time.”

– Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD in Love is Letting Go of Fear

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