Pride of a Fragment

“Pride of a Fragment”
by Charlie Young

Beware the pride of a fragment,
one piece amidst a whole. 
Beware the conspiracy of a "knowing"
when unrevealed the full portrait be. 

Blind to the whole with a shiny fragment
or a few, or several, 
or even a privileged private collection. 
Still, fragments. 

You must gather the pieces, all together.
Raise the gate and bring them in. 
And are you certain these are all?  
Some pieces might prove difficult to find...

All the fragments, all the pieces
each one shown and displayed,
Gathered and collected together,
A mosaic in the making - each piece present,
Ready for analysis and rearrangement into the whole. 

One fragment. 
One piece. 
One single slice. 
Resting under the wide, wild wings
of Everything, awaiting discovery,
awareness, acceptance, and reintegration 
into the Oneness of All - 
the making of living art. 
© Charlie Young, 2021



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