A Single Raindrop

Feb 2021

I am a single raindrop
a million times over

The ones you hear clapping -
me, your sold out audience.
The ones you see dancing -
me, your heralding court.
The ones you taste dripping -
me, quenched for your tongue.
The ones you feel on your skin -
Me, yearning to reach your very soul
through the crevices in your jacket threads
and slurping into your skin pores
so that all the ones you feel soaking today
are me, targeting you
dive bombing down to you
striving for you
straining towards you
splashing onto you
melting into you
every drop a first
a first time
a single spring
on a hardened desert ground
a million times over
and every touch, a soaking
overwhelmed and overthrown
by a sudden single raindrop
with the wetness a becoming One
with me in your skin
merged in your soul

I am a single raindrop
a million. times. over.

© Charlie Young, 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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