Catch A Tiger By The Tail

The wounded human ego creates suffering, inequality, + illusions of separation. The wounded ego is based in fear— everyone becomes a threat to our fragile sense of Self. This is why an ego unchecked seeks to dominate + control.

This is a powerlessness state of survival where we’re not actually living, we are existing. Existing only in our mental ego chatter.

Believing that everything is personal.

Everything means something about who *we* are.

This is a painful state of existence.

Understanding + becoming aware of your ego is a life changing experience. It’s scary at first (tuning into all the ego chatter) + yet the more you’re aware the more you’ll see the ego is like a scared child. Self consumed, constantly having tantrums, always fearful, always finding ways to confirm our core beliefs that we “aren’t enough.”

Awakening is freedom. It doesn’t mean our ego stops existing (my ego still flares up consistently. Still tells stories. I still have major tantrums)—even when I know what’s happening.

It just gives us more space to make new choices. To *laugh* at how serious we can take ourselves + the human experience. To see that we play a major role in my own suffering (I’ve had some major eye opening experiences around just how “good” my own inflicted mystery can feel.)

Empowered people work to witness their ego (without judgment) + witness another’s ego without personalization #selfhealers

~ The Wholistic Psychologist

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