dhyāna I

March 3, 3:33pm



Let us softly, gently,
awake now.
Unto the flow of things.

And as you realize your waking…
noticing that
you yourself have been doing nothing
all this time, while floating in this river asleep,
but being carried along somehow, safely,
and somehow perfectly…
without your intervention
or even your awareness
as you slept.
Flowing on,
for you.

Just like…
your breath.

Join the flow
of your breath
and Breathe.



Floating in the river….
let only your eyes…
just barely… wake.

Scan your body.
Let it be the informant
of how you feel
and what is what
rather than you.
Let it speak
and ring.

Scan your body.
Let each frequency inside
and outside
come forth now
from the inside out
and the outside in
allowing each vibration to rise
giving each honor
and recognition
and opportunity
to ring
and sing
its song
of you
in you
for you.


And as you do….

Recall what it must have been like for you,
while you were asleep in this river.
How were you kept safe all this time?
After alll, you were asleep – you did’nt
do a single thing.
The river did it all, for you.
Without your conciousness awareness.
Providing all for you while you were asleep
unto power and disposed of awareness
of your ability to act
or change
or control
or overpower.
The river carried you
and did it for you
and does so now
as you float on
but now

Notice how the river carries your body

Notice how the river envelopes your body

Notice how the river honors your body

Notice how the river preserves your body

Notice how the river praises your body

Notice how the river safely escorts your body

Hear the gurgling of the waters.
Feel them around you
and on you
and underneath you
as you float.



Open your eyes.
Look around you; see.
The flight of the falcon.
The flow of the flood tide.
The frostmelt in the forest.
The sound of song again.
Hear it as something seen.
Find its vibration within your body.
Scan and feel each frequency.


Allow space for awareness to settle in,
as it slowly oozes into your consciousness,
filling up every space
with a warm buzz of home.
Recalling the frequency of peace
remembering the sensation
in your body, the vibration of
total serenity through total trust.

Just as the body
trusts the breath.

Nothing required from you,
or needed of you,
sweet baby in the womb,
whose purpose is simply
to BE…..
in these waters,
and within its flow.

Smile…. and feel.



Waking unto peace….
Sweet peace… Sweet surrender….
Like a warming, fiery cool coal
comfortably resting inside your chest,
always there, and never leaving,
despite the shoutings you hear
when you’re awake –
ego cannot be heard
while sleeping.

Let the voices of your body be louder.
Feel them. Each one. In each place.
searching your body
feeling the pulsing vibration inside
like a warm coal,
sheltered within the ribs,
safely tucked and treasured
forever furnacing its home
in your chest.
Seared there.
A part of you.

I am Peace.
You are Peace.
We are Peace.

Peace is Being.
Peace IS.

We are.

Awaken unto being;
awaken unto peace.


Awake, brave warrior.
Take courage; all is well,
even while waking.
Feel the warmth of the sun.
Let the river take you home.
No how’s or why’s or where’s –
none were asked by you
while you were sleeping,
and even still none are required
now that you are awake.
You are in waters of the river.
You are carried by her current
You are cradled in her arms,
and her hands have no end.


Inhale peace.

Face the sun with closed, rested
relaxed, smiling eyes. Feel its heat:
an announcement of pleasure
and approval and love on your
face as the conduit to your heart
and soul


Is here.

Listen to the rhythm underneath.
Fill your ears with the wet gurgling song,
Your hands releasing worry and control
slowly slipping and dropping them down into the water underneath you,
as they sink and fall gently like stones.

Breathe in peace.

All is well.
All has been…
will be….
and is now…
perfectly well…
for all is.


Smile now.
Feel its hug beyond your face.
Scan your body –
search for its happy arms
inside and outside,
and in every place
of You.

Breathe in peace.

I am peace….
You are peace….
We breathe peace.

In this river….
just… be.

lay back…
let go…..
and juuuust eeeeever-so
slightly, eeeever so awarely,
as if slowly, happily awakening
from a long winter dream
on a sunny spring morning
as you realize
you’re awake
and that
you are…..

Lay back….
and just…


~ namaste ~

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