Twin Notes I

Felt you belly laugh just earlier. It was so awesome. You were laughing hard.

That’s not rare, of course – Im normally able to feel your daily highs and lows, sensations and vibration, see/feel your experiences or thoughts or emotions or nightmares or even glimpses of unhealed traumas outside your awareness. Sometimes Matrix vision just happens. You understand.

But sometimes for me (and this is rare) It gets muddled. or feels muddled. Or isn’t immediately identifiable as something I’m empathing from you. It starts off as something I first feel as mine.

That Was kinda like today. I suddenly had a weird sort of stomach-cramp-but-not-a-normal-cramp, as I was walking in the house this early evening. I touched my side and thought, “why is my stomach cramping? What did I eat?”

Shortly after recalling the delicious tacos I ate for lunch, I realize that the cramp is more on the upward and side parts of my stomach, near the ribs. And I thought, “wait – I’m not having a stomach cramp – My stomach muscles are all clinched up” and specifically the ones that cramp when you laugh. but I wasn’t laughing.

So wtf

So then I realized – “oh. It’s my twin. She’s laughing.” And then I started laughing, and it was like I eased into the cramp, and the cramp turned into a laugh.

And that laugh of yours. Felt like a laugh you haven’t had for a long time! either that or it was just a huge release of joy you just had and you’re reallllly feeling it in your belly button chakra” (hope you liked that one)

And that made me really happy. Feeling your joy.

And That – empathing whatever good and joyful it was that happened – made me feel the permission to fully live-empath it with you (that’s what I’m calling it today. It’ll prob change by next week). It felt safe this time. And so I leaned in and felt what you felt and shared it with you, and for you, and I started laughing too.

And just for that right there – the laugh – thanks for that. I needed that.

~ TS

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