Bless You, Mother

May we see our mother as a human being with her own unresolved trauma and inner child pain.

May we release her scarcity mentality by having the courage to be seen and to create.

May we free the pain of her criticism by speaking words of encouragement, empowerment, and embodiment to both ourselves and other woman.

May we understand that when she engaged in relationships that harmed us, she was deeply struggling with her own self worth.

May we see her opinions, as just that, not fact.

May we know that she can only give us the grace she has given herself.

May we grieve all she could not give us and accept our anger around it.

May we witness her survival mode and shamelessly call in abundance, cooperation, and self trust.

May we breathe as she triggers the inner child within us and honor any boundary we need to establish with her.

May we have the self love to create those boundaries for ourselves and hold them even her response hurts.

May we see that those who trigger us the most mirror her traits, and use this to guide us in our healing.

May we gain more awareness that the voice in our head is primarily her voice, and that we are welcome to question it.

May we know that as adults we always have an opportunity to mother ourselves.

This is our liberation.

~ The Wholistic Psychologist

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