(Lyrics) The Deeper I Go

August 10, 2020

I know its hard,
the letting go.
But we’ll find
find each other
when we look

Loving you is loving me
Loving me is loving you
inward dwelling there’s
a telling of Truth:
Loving me is loving you. 

Take my hand
inward stretched
from places best
most honoring.

For the deeper I go
into my very own soul
the deeper I know
the truth of You.

Its pouring through the cracks,
all the covers & the masks,
as the Fire and The Light both
make their love & burn as One

Feel the weight of it all
the groans in the walls
the Voice in the silence
recalls their Name, smiles
as the darkness falls
& takes the stage.

I center every lock,
both The River & The Rock,
and sit with my self,
just a man and his soul.

And as I come into view
Truth, She does too
singing that song
I’ve known for years.

Did the lyrics change?
Did the band switch names?
The music is flawless –
but the words are strange.

A flickering soul
finding his home
through the letting go
and the courage to just

Words and Music: © Charlie Young, 2020.

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