Morning Mindfulness III

“A loving world will be ours when we extend only love. That means the world does not have to change… The only thing that has to change is our attitude.”

~ Gerald Jampolsky

We are powerless over so much: the weather, a tulip’s sprouting, the multitude of people and events claiming our attention. We often wear ourselves out trying to control the uncontrollable. We could, instead, be at peace.

A tiny change in perspective promises huge and positive ramifications. We need only to quiet our mind of the clutter of frustrations that inspire our myriad strategies of control. Then, in their place, we can focus our energies on this decision: to respond to everyone we can with love.

For many of us, simply to believe in the unconditional love of God is the decision we need to exercise daily. As our belief in God‘s love for us is strengthened, we find it easier to pass this love on to other people.

Each time we show unconditional love to someone in our life, our awareness of the love available for us grows. In this is our true power.

The more love I express today, the more of Gods love I’ll feel.

~ Karen Casey

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