Soul Path

“Each of these three approaches [Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, and Psychopharmacology], valuable as they may be in any given situation, can represent a failure of nerve to take on the larger questions of the soul. We may improve our chemistry or our behaviors, but in service to what ends? What brings us to our various dark woods is frequently interpreted as an external violation of the soul, an intrusion on a smoothly flowing life, whether from the acts of others, from the fates, or by our own choices. Yet just as often, inexplicably, it is the soul itself that has brought us to that difficult place in order to enlarge us, to ask more of us than we planned on giving. Only by attending the wounding of the soul, as well as learning to align our choices with its mysterious correctives, can we actively cooperate with this imperious summons to healing. Whatever we do to avoid the question of soul will prolong our reliance on the detritus of the old life, and the meaninglessness of its suffering. Only through making the meaning of that suffering and its agenda for spiritual enlargement conscious, can we ever emerge from the dark wood.”

~ Dr. James Hollis, Finding Meaning In The Second Half of Life, p.9

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