“Bright/Dark World”

Bright/Dark World
November 4, 2020


Never seen the stars so bright
in these city constellation skies. 
I’ve been orphaned once or twice
but never seen a night so bright.
I’ve never seen a night so bright.

I think I see Orion’s arm
hunting Eos till she brings the dawn.
If you give a man back his sight,
he’ll look for you until he dies.
No greater beauty in his eyes.

Did you ever see the one 
about the man who slept
right up till the apocalypse 
and suddenly – he awakes 
unto a world gone crazy?
I am awake –  but you are gone.

Listen to these grown-ups scream.
Blowin, goin, splittin at the seams.
I learned a hard lesson just ago – 
there’s freedom in the letting go.
There’s freedom when you let it all go.

These talking heads on the news
Charting pathways through reds & blues
Hoping that their vote’ll pull through.
Well, I cast mine long ago, and it’s:
I will wait forever for you. 
I will wait forever for you.

It’s morning in a bright-dark world
The city sleeps, flags are furled.
I’ve never seen a night so bright.
I’ve never missed you like tonight.
I’ve never missed you like tonight.

© Charlie Young, 2021.


      1. Thanks for the question! And thank you for the compliment. It makes me glad to hear its an encouragement to others…. To be honest, I’d say the primary reason is quite similar to your statement on your own site: “[This blog] is my therapy, a place I can be myself in all its rawness. I needed a place to get out my inner world…” I resonate with that 100. I needed a place to get out what’s inside, without my own judgment or the judgment of others…. The process of Individation / Enlightenment can make you go cray if you don’t find a way to (1) get it out / deposit all of the “artifacts” that emerge from the unconscious (2) collect it (3) find/create meaning through analysis of all the artifacts in light of the whole.

        Hope that makes sense!

        Love and Light, my friend.

      2. I understand, thank you for sharing this. When did you join WordPress? What’s your experience been like?

      3. It has been a crazy journey of blood, sweat and tears. A long story! However, it has saved my life and the verge of insanity I guess..

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