“With Gratitude On Your Wedding Day”


January 29, 2021

I would like to thank you
for being the greatest helper,
in ways that only Eve can,
in so perfectly assisting me
in my wild and stunning and
oh-so-successful striving
towards destroying my false self.

I could not have come this far
without you and your ways,
so perfectly suited for me
and my precious wounded ego
and for that
I sincerely
thank you.

And now,
seeing that you’ve finally
secured another Adam to devour,
(and he quite satisfied to take over the job)
I shall now gratefully remove these itchy fig leaves
and give them over to their proper new owner
and take my leave with joyful, naked pride of heart
and excuse myself back to Eden where I belong,
as I have some independent gardening to tend to.

For I am certain that
– if He so chooses –
the next one Maker brings
will be more than flesh of my flesh
and bone of my bone
but Soul of my Soul
and Self of my Self.

So fare thee well, O daughter of man,
and godspeed in all your next ventures.

And please remember to always
namaste the fuckety-fuck away
from my new garden,
for I am now a fearless farmer
with nothing more to lose,
and every new gain
ever before me.


© Charlie Young, 2021.

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