Supermoon I

From Ang Stoic’s (aka the Cosmic Dancer) “Cosmic Tribe”


At the height of the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse period, you will sense your basic energies shifting to focus on the darker side of life. Do not be afraid – we all keep secrets, engage in little cover-ups, aversions and denials. Over the course of our lives, we come to repress certain elements of ourselves, keep these tightly hidden away from others because we feel they are ugly, illicit or too gross to share.

Over the past 9 years, however, these things have begun to rise slowly to the surface and you will sense the necessity to guard them very carefully. The greatest challenge for you will be to try to lead a life of impeccable honour, whilst at the same time dealing with matters which may threaten your reputation and esteem as one who is beyond reproach. This may be easier said than done in this age of growing transparency, where omnipresent information and data is forcing us to be more openly accountable.

Your ego becomes powerfully obsessed with an intent to dominate over the affairs of everybody else, to somehow garner interest over their goodies. Learning how to take a more masterful approach in how you manage your joint business with others demands that you have your own business in perfect order. Hence, the evolutionary objective for you during this year will be to build a substantially improved and more meaningful life for yourself, both economically and ethically. However, this may not be such an easy task if you do not come to show equal respect and honour towards all those with whom you are dealing.

Yes, you desire to bring more business and trade into your world, yet with every step you take toward ushering this in, you may feel the aching of your guilt-ridden subconscious only manifesting blocks along the road ahead.

Over these past years, you may have revelled a great deal behind closed doors, where the scrutinising eyes of open society have failed to look into your activities. Where possible, you may have even become accustomed to creating shortcuts, deceitful little loopholes and conveniences, skirting around legal accountabilities where there may have been none before. Through a series of episodes where you have slowly tested the limits of other people’s values, the threshold of their tolerances, you have put yourself out there in an official sense where many may claim to know you intimately, trust you and invest their good faith in you.

However, only you (and the universe) know it turns out that, in actual truth, nobody knows you that well at all.

Deep inside, you hold secrets. Secrets which make you highly nervous, for if others were to unlock your covert vaults, it might become exposed that, on some level, you are conspiring to undermine us all, in nearly everything you are involved in. Yes, outwardly you may pose a self-assured belief that all will go well, no matter where your somewhat ‘sinful’ or ‘immoral’ adventures may continue to lead you.

Now listen…

Because you (and hence all the rest of us) are in the process of re-establishing our own set of values, there is a nervous excitement in the world. It’s not just the Uranus in your sign, it’s… well nearly everything. A new way of accounting and accountability is on the brink, and intuitively you know this. As you begin to essentially tap into the source of others’ value systems, use your capital reserves to further enrich yourself, you must be mindful of the reciprocal effects – particularly since you have the power to either deliberately or inadvertently exploit their wealth.

If you create a threat to a healthy, balanced currency exchange (energy/money/goodwill), especially amongst those you hold in closest and most trusted confidant, this could undermine your whole foundation of credibility and integrity.

Integrity comes from repairing your own value system, not dismissing or failing to understand why you and others cherish the mutual things you love. Honour that. It is important that you develop a clear and honourable command over what you possess in this life and similarly support and encourage this honour in others without feeling that anyone can recklessly jump anyone else’s claim. You may actually perform this negligence in ‘law’ in such a subtle way that it becomes extremely difficult to see how you are often violating others’ prerogative. Creating a world where everyone is acting in integrity means becoming the key holder of honesty.

Anyway, you more than anyone can kinda see where the global economy is prone to weaknesses and possible collapse.

There is also a strong possibility of sexual misuse or abuse here too. Yes, your sexuality can be used as a strength, and you can manipulate it as a lever to gain power and possession over others. It can be used (especially in the female) as a seductive power that can lure even the strongest man away from their appointed missions. In the male, it can mean that you dissipate much of your energy on sexual thoughts, seeking some reassurance that all is going well with your apparent potency, or impotent ego.

It’s important to note here that sex is never the object but always used as a ploy for getting what you want. In the barter of giving and taking, sexual allure or responsiveness becomes the collateral payment in exchange for another’s values. You might also find that you become easily jealous or overly possessive during this time. Constantly tempted to trade places with whoever’s grass looks greener, using sex as a fair trade for all the honours you might eventually receive may only work against you in the end… Needless to say, stay attentive to your psycho-sexual health.

If throughout your life you have felt somehow shunned or marginalised by society, now may be the time where you might try out some bold or even desperate move to become accepted by the mainstream. Yet, do mind, it’s all about timing here. ‘Society’ itself is geared to undergo a monumental meltdown through this period. If you are less than discriminating; seeking instant release from the painbody of non-acceptance, you might find out (quite painfully) that this is a hollow pursuit. Any bombastic or dramatic efforts to satisfy your social desire to mix with the ‘in-crowd’ (whoever that may be these days), might simply see you jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

You may aim for whatever recognition is readily available, since your devotions and allegiances have not yet reached a state of evolution where they can be considered totally trustworthy. You may even sense a morbid fear of death itself, as if your own mortality would be the logical punishment for all misdeeds and past indiscretions that you carry in your vault.

At worst, you may develop a growing sense that you have to struggle for every little thing, even life itself. Something possesses you to take a desperate fight to survive; to do whatever is necessary to stake your righteous, precious claim to be just who you think you ought to be. Then, when you fall short of reaching the brighter side of life, you risk turning nasty, secretly blaming all the others for your misfortunes.

It’s not unlikely, but extremely ill-advised to turn to any latent or inherent criminal tendencies or any inclinations towards dabbling with black magic or witchcraft. Such is the toxicity of misappropriated values and misusing or manipulating assets to achieve a certain ego-desirous outcome. Only through a proper assessment of your earnest potential can you really establish the substance that will lead to a new rebirth. In any of your dealings, you must be mindful to stay open and transparent about your sources, making sure that you credit and praise them with any due tributes and royalties for their earnest contributions and investments into your successes.

Just know: the prime soul lessons for you through this period centre mainly around you trying to eliminate any fixations you may be holding. If these are based on mere surface values about what you feel is important in order to attain victory by society’s standards, then great lessons await you. Only when you see through and eliminate any superficial conquests, compulsions and blind addictions about possessing glory will you start to amass the personal power and self-importance you need. Then your soul will be ready to progress into a whole new set of values.

This becomes an opportunity to develop and build something that is sincerely meaningful for you, something that brings you total sovereignty and power from within, not through depending on anyone or anything external. Understand clearly that whatever is dishonourably obtained is going to be highly difficult to preserve and even more difficult to hide, especially from your own demons who threaten to rise up and destroy you.

Your personal importance can grow through the assistance and support of your society, but you must know that if you wish to cross society’s bridge, you must pay the toll out of your own pocket. As soon as you evolve to this level of realisation, the light of admiration and social accolade will shine over you – not as some stolen crown or borrowed halo from anyone, but because you have earned the shimmering glory all by yourself.

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