Supermoon II

From Ang Stoic’s (aka the Cosmic Dancer) “Cosmic Tribe”


Over this signature eclipse period, where the South Node is aligned with your sign, there are many serious disruptions occurring in your partnerships, marriage and general capacity to cooperate with others. Of course, the weaker tendency would be to submit to only caring for yourself and all you represent in thought and actions, however, your evolutionary purpose now begins to draw you away from indulging too much in your wildly unbridled individualism and independence that you’ve enjoyed over the last 9 years to focus more on serving others.

A new perspective, a consider­ation of the ethical implications of knowledge and daily communication, and an awareness of the future will help you to function better in your personal routine. By reaching out to other people with your Sagittarian enthusiasm and optimism, and by communicating your understanding, you can raise the level of your personal interactions.

Most strongly now, but over the next year or so, situations with others will challenge your capacity to listen, understand and form a truly equanimous collaboration with someone particularly significant, like a soul-mate, yet someone who is also particularly contradictory to all that you may assume to be about.

The key here is working together more authentically with others. While you may pretend to be an excellent listener for the sake of being accepted and appearing as if you care, you may find it especially difficult to show true respect to ideas or points of view that don’t naturally agree with yours, preferring to stick to your own predetermined ideas, ideals and ideologies. You are then prone to spending most of your energy developing whatever abilities you have, trying constantly to persuade or get approval from others for the efforts you are making. In this, you fail to see the force of creativity and ingenuity coming from the other side, which is generally trying to lead affairs in the opposite, most challenging direction.

Although you will be reticent to admit it openly, you never quite notice others as much as yourself. In fact, you may continue to ignore or protest efforts from others as being too self-absorbed or pretentious in their intellectual ways, conversations often going in directions that do not seem to lead where you expect them to go. There is a danger during this period that you develop great apprehensions about being intellectually outdone. Hence, you will go out of your way to challenge others and to secure for yourself any position where your authority or truth cannot and will not be challenged.

Naturally, you may do this by banding together with like-minded souls, forming a collective which is intent on challenging anyone who tries to take you on your espoused philosophy, beliefs, laws and religion. In some latent way though, it is truly you who wishes to be the intellectual champion and you will try to flex academic muscle by summoning support from your minions to mount quite a dogmatic offensive against those who would try to tell you how it really is.

Through a series of failures to understand others, you are learning to sacrifice your staunch beliefs for the sake of connecting to at least one other, and though you seek to become an independent spirit, this period pushes you to try to relate, so long as others don’t shackle or bind your own sense of freedom.

Any traditional ‘marriage/partnership’ arrangements will not be easily sustainable for you during this time if you feel someone close to you is inhibiting your self-expression. Nor is the notion that you have to now compromise much about what you envision is the ‘right’ way for the sake of getting along with the seemingly incomprehensive interests of the other.

The option to stay single, divorced or at least separated in consciousness from your partner will make it difficult for you to accept that it is the continuance of your own selfishness which is creating all the problems for which you are now blaming others.

Try to learn how to listen with a whole heart, rather than symbolically just ‘lending an ear’ and then trying to convert others to ‘think more like you’. Resist making any phoney commitments just to keep the pack/partner quiet. There is a danger in any insincerity to ‘stay authentic to yourself but not to others’, that you could fall so out of harmony with yourself that you are prone to develop a chronic health condition or impediment, either physical or emotional, which you ultimately use as a lever to gain sympathy.

The last thing you may be willing to accept is any sense of failure that your beliefs and ideologies for spiritual freedom and doing whatever you feel is right for you are not possible through this time. In your absolute beliefs and righteous attitudes, it is difficult for you to be a fair judge of your own actions. When you become attached to the natural existence without formali­ties you go far out of your way to avoid having any restrictions imposed on you. Hence, to prove your own self-sufficiency, you end up becoming lost in a sea of indifference, spreading yourself so thin that you lose sight of any central and relevant life theme.

You may wish to be seen by others as a real battler, guarding against any threats to your ego, which is unaccustomed to the changing demands of a new society. If you try to shirk personal responsibilities and avoid your spiritual calling to form proper allegiances to others, you will spend most of your time trying to liberate yourself. This effort in itself becomes a form of imprisonment.

For those who wish to join your resistance movement, you may go as far as to be their patron saint, but rarely will you go out of your way to join them or even listen to them, essentially becoming more of a “loner”. The sooner you discover that the karmic pull of these eclipses calls you to learn greater consideration for others, the less chance you have of shutting out the very freedom that you claim you are being denied.

Realise that there are indeed two sides of every coin. This could be difficult, but where your sign is aligned with the South Node, eventually you will come to understand that while both sides of an issue may be totally different, neither is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other.

Ultimately you come to understand the mys­tical reason for your eternal restlessness. You have much to say and much ground to cover, but the mission is not only for yourself but also to find ways to spread your understanding to the multitude of people that run through your life.

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