Morning Mindfulness VIX

Today I commit myself to three basic tasks that mark a new beginning: I will breathe, I will feel, I will relax.

Today I will take a moment for retreat. When I don’t give myself the solitude I need, I have no chance to replenish myself.

Today I will remember how to breathe. With all that is happening in my life, I sometimes get blocked and take short, shallow gasps of air. I almost forget how important it is to breathe deeply and let fresh air fill my lungs. I nourish myself when I take deep and long breaths.

Today I will allow myself to feel. By experiencing all of my emotions, I can respond more fully to the richness life has to offer.

Today I will remember to breathe, I allow myself to feel and to take time for solitude. These are basic spiritual, physical, and emotional ingredients that allow me to flourish.

~ Rokelle Lerner, Daily Affirmations

[Art: Brian Kurhagis]

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