The Art of Connection VII

the depth of our relationships is defined by
how freely we feel we can deliver our authentic
message. the deepest bonds are held together
by a bridge of honesty. real love holds space for
vulnerability, a place where we can be open, raw,
and even share parts of ourselves that are not fully
formed but are ready to be expressed.

whether within ourselves or in front of someone
who is close to us, vulnerability asks for non-
judgmental acceptance of our imperfections. this is
a form of compassion that can help us observe our
story in a different light, hopefully transforming
what was once burdensome into a more insightful
understanding. this is also a form of compassion
that allows us to accept the way things are without
trying to change it. sometimes vulnerability just
asks to be seen and heard.

if we are far away from ourselves, if we are
not honest with ourselves, and if we are full of
unexamined emotions and conditioning, we will
naturally find it difficult to be close to others. it
becomes easier to give loving support when we
have taken the time to explore our own inner world
and let go of the subconscious patterns that do not
align with how we want to show up for one another.

~ Yung Pueblo, Clarity and Connection, p. 59

[Art: Lisa Lach-Neilson]

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