“By moon and starlight, abilities you don’t use during the day come alive. Like cats and owls, you may discover an ability to navigate the dark with a different kind of seeing. There is a deep knowing that lives in our bones, our bellies, and in the earth itself. Like the wisdom of the gnostic goddess Sophia, this inner knowing is what lights the way, even if distantly and dimly at first. If you can touch the exhilarating side of fear, you are touching your instinct. The mystical pull of your feeling begins to lead the way. You can sense the density of objects around you, hear the songs of stones, and know things are coming even before they’ve left to meet you. Once you find this way of moving in the dark, you are no longer a follower but a wayshower.”

~ Toko-pa Turner, Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home

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