Moderation & Containment III

One of the hardest skills to master is
saying no to yourself so that you can
rise up and unfold into the greater you

saying no is a sign of progress
saying no is a sign of commitment
saying no is a sign of empowerment

saying no can help you fulfill your goals
saying no can support your mental health
saying no can bring you to the right people

no to distractions or lack of consistency

no to the patterns and ways of being
that only lead back into the past

no to doing what is easy

no to doubt and fear

Successful successful life is created
with two words: “yes” and “no”

Have the courage to say “yes”
when you feel it’s right

and “no” to the old patterns
that no longer serve you.


~ Yung Pueblo, Clarity & Connection, p. 231

[Art: Luke Sammons]

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