June 14, 2021


Not him.
Not her.

Not left.
Not right.

where you
are standing.

The purpose of the journey
is be so caught & trapped
that the only sure way forward
is to look inside yourself,
with gentleness and grace,
and accept everything there.
The good
The bad
The ugly
The hurting.

To move forward,
look inside You, thinking of
no one else but you.

Take a fierce inventory
of what you find there.
And with a special Keen eye
look for what is broken
and still needs healing.
And then bravely ask yourself,
with fierce honesty –
“ what do I see in myself today
that does not match
who I want to be tomorrow?
What personal deficiencies
of heart and character
is my soul aware of
and Self ashamed of?
Where am I still preventing my Self
from healing and developing
into who I truly want to be?”

Be brave enough
to listen
to the weeping inside.
Be courageous enough
to identify empathically
with the hurting
in you.

Take a fierce inventory.

Put it all on paper.

Give love to yourself
like a mother to her young.
Remind her of your
unconditional acceptance.
And let the child grieve.

And after she has wept,
and after you have heard her,
ask your grown-up self
the most important question of all:
“In light of this,
What do I still need to do
in order to heal
and become –
truly become –
who I was born
to be?”

Do this.
Commit to this.
Fiercely go after this.
This and only this.
And soon you will see
that the True way forward
was never
Left or Right
but through



© Charlie Young, 2021. All rights reserved.

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