Midday Mindfulness VII


June 9

Part of nurturing myself means taking good care of my body. I will not deny reality by believing that I can disregard my health and still feel vital and strong. Growing up with critical parents taught me to be overly demanding of myself and to be unaware of my own needs.

If I load my body with inappropriate food, If I refuse myself adequate rest, or if I bulldoze through one stressful situation after another, I am abusing myself.

How do I begin to take care of my body? I can begin by not demanding more than my body can physically handle. I can learn to say “No!” to activities that deplete my energy. I can eat well and get adequate sleep and excercise. I can be proud of my body and embrace it’s beauty.

I will not expect to change everything overnight. Gentleness, not perfection, is the key word today. With a consciousness of health, I pursue healthy living, a new me, and a body I am proud of.

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