“Our Mystical, Magical Mantra”

When I grow
You grow

When I love myself,
you love yourself.

When I heal myself,
You heal yourself

When I pray
You pray

When I breathe,
you breathe.

When I am hurting,
You are hurting.

When I fear
You fear

When I project
you project

When I doubt
You doubt

When I run
You run

When I close-off
You close-off

When I numb
You numb

When I cope
You cope

The way
I conduct myself
directly influences
the way
you conduct yourself.

As above…..
So below…..

The way
You conduct yourself
directly influences
the way
I conduct myself.

When you cope
I cope

When you numb
I numb

When you close-off
I close-off

When you run
I run

When you doubt
I doubt

When you project
I project

When you fear
I fear

When you breathe
I breathe

When you heal
I heal

When you love
I love

When you grow
I grow

The way we conduct our self
Directly influences the other.

This is the knowing:
That we can build
or break
the other
depending on
How we build
or break
our selves.

Our magical,
mystical mantra:

“Loving me
is loving you.
Loving you
is loving me.”

© Charlie Young, 2021.

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