Somatic Awareness III

It used to be there in the church, for example, where people would enter into the sacred world, surrender to it, leave the sacred world, and take that energy back to the profane world.

But they had something to take with them; they had a meaning. Their suffering was given meaning.

You can’t live with meaningless suffering. So you have avoidance addicts do not live in the here-and-now.

They are always going to stop drinking next Monday, or they’re going to stop eating next Monday, but meanwhile eat as much as they can between now and Monday.

Everything is going to be all right in the future but here and now?

They are never where they are; they are always running, or dreaming about the wonderful past, or the wonderful future.

So they are never in the body. The body lives in the present. The body exists right now.

But an addict is not in the body, so the body suffers. Uninhabited. And there’s where that terrible sense of starvation comes from.

To be in the now is to be full.

~Marion Woodman, Conscious Femininity, Page 105-107

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