As Soft As Snow

What is
the softest thing
you’ve ever felt

Name the first thing
You’re now thinking of.

there it is.

Pictured in mind
(which you’re really good at)

Observe it by… looking.

Look how soft it is.
See how soft it is?
So soft.

Feel it.
with touch.
Reach out.
Feel the fingers and Go slow.
“Stay here, longer. Linger.”s
Slip slowly through the trees.

This is seing.
with softness.
Sight that see-feels,
as if your occulii
were on-button bones

Don’t feel it?
Silly rabbit.
Gottaa think of something softer
than the hard thing you’re thinking of

Your hard’s gotta go to whats
To unnumb all your feels.

The ones that are realist
Stolen from places where
play round as they want to, and
fuck em all.

endorsing no forcing
they rise with the sun death

Touch it.

How did that happen?
You thought it.
In your mind.

And you saw it! – but
feeling it somehow
in present and physical now.
As if your own oculi
were some “on-button”
to a vibrational- feature switch on your
favorite chair
that you didn’t
know was there
till it switched on just now
but you remember
“Oh yeah! Forgot about that”’s

and soon right away
its gone


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