Would it be OK if maybe
we started this session
with some breaths and expullgence of CO2
from our lungs?

That’s what she said, at least;
the lady next door.
Taught us all, that one.
“Do this daily.”

So maybe then, we could restore equal flow
in our breathing and our connection
and make space for true therapy
to begin?

through nostrils with thumb on one side
and on the other , the finger for rings.

And then go to prayer pose
and – I’ll lead it, I suppose
and greet the divine within you
which is also within me
and perhaps this will finally be
healing time

For I know now,
based on what we have been taught here
and upon all I am learning on the academic side of things as well, that –
if we were to pause at here
when sitting down for session,
we could could finally call this
therapy. both ways.

(And yes – Im aware
of how this may be presenting, duh.
Lease? We’re professionals. We know.)

problem is
it could land both our asses
outta jobs

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