Morning Mindfulness XI

I will no longer deceive myself. I will no longer stifle my impulse towards growth. By refusing to change, I avoid any confrontation with my dreams or hopes. Keeping myself stuck avoids the risk of failure and is fertile ground for denial.

As a child, I developed a high tolerance for inappropriate situations. It was safer to deluding myself then to suffer the possible consequences of rejection. The consequences of self deceit are depression and a nagging dissatisfaction. In order to avoid my conflicting feelings at any cost, I talked myself into a peaceful delusion. I would rather believe that my life must remain flat than risk making an adventure out of the future.

Today I give myself permission to venture into unknown emotional territory. I can examine my relationships, my job, my family, and make decisions based on today. The choice to remain the way I am or change is always a choice – but, at least, it is a conscious one.

~ Roller Lerner

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