Morning Mindfulness XII

“Dreams provide a wellspring of guidance—but once we receive a dream, we must take symbolic steps towards the life we are longing for. This might look like taking a leap in the direction of a dream’s prompting, or it might be as simple as exalting in some physically symbolic way the life you are calling towards you. Like keeping a dream altar, where you honour the talismans from your visions, or buying a scarf in that vibrant, Grecian blue you saw in the previous night’s dream, or planting a tree in the garden where you dreamed your ancestors’ bones were buried. Symbolic gestures act as spells that reinforce the nascent energy which is seeking expression in your dreams. This gathering of evidence around you is what can tunnel you out of the ordinary into the world of magic.”

~ Toko-pa Turner, Excerpt from “Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home”

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