through the wasteland

[Repost: July 12, 2020]

“through the wasteland”


For what is lost.
For what will be.
Let go your resistance.
Feel its pain.


See it.
Stare at it.
Look upon its face.
Behold it.
All of it.

Behold the wasteland.

Stay here.
Inhale it all.
Allow it all.
Embrace it all.
Take in its reality.
Honor its existence.
Ground yourself in the truth of its being.
Root yourself in the comfort of what is –
and what shall never be.


Hold nothing back.
Open the floodgates.
Empty the reservoirs.
Let streams and rivers
roll on and on and on,
in great big salty gulps
of grief and gloom,
rising, running, receding, returning again –
a single tide of a thousand days.

Grieve it.
Empty it.
Drain it.
Drink it.
All of it.
Down to the dregs.
Every single drop.


And now,
look again.

I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up.
Do you not perceive it?

I am making
a way in the wilderness,
a river through the wasteland.
I will make your deserts
and your wastelands
spring up with new life.”
– Isaiah 43:19


© Charlie Young, 2021

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