The Art of Recovery

Don’t fool yourself into believing there will never be moments alone in the Darkness, questioning who you are, what you’ve done.

In the early morning hours, after sleepless nights, head in your hands at the edge of your bed, at the edge of yourself.

With a restless mind, replaying all the holes you dug yourself into the day before.

And a sickened heart, rehearsing all the steps you’ll have to climb to get out in the day to come.

This is our greatest fear: the fear of self – our frailty, our flaws, our failures. To confront it feels like death. To ignore it WILL be death. But to bear with it, to patiently endure its transformation through torment, is to be reborn.

And with rebirth, frailty turns to strength, flaws turn to marks of distinction, and failures turn to the foundation of an unexpected saving grace.


Can you still breathe? Then breathe deep.
Can you sit up? Then sit upright.
Can you stand? Then stand tall.
Can you take a step? Then step forward.

Say goodbye to who you were, embrace who you are, and look forward to who you will be.

~ Dr. David Henderson

[Art: Steven Daluz]

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