cur deus luceat

For Light to shine
brightest, what
amount of Dark
is necessary?

To maximize its splendor and reach,
what color -what chroma- should the
artist select for his canvas
as a backdrop for Light’s lumens?

Darkness itself. 
Darkest of Dark. 
Its own Shadow.
Hell itself, even.

And in this Truth lies
freedom, acceptance,
and a blissful grace:

If Christ descended into Hell, and
if Hell can be found inside myself,
then within myself lays the only place
fit enough for heavens brightest Light
to come,
to dwell,
to exist,
to shine.

“The Light shines in the darkness;
and the darkness has not overcome it.”


© Charlie Young, 2021

[Art: Carl Jüng, “The Tree of Life”]


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