The Art of Recovery IV

Stark honesty, however painful, is needed on this journey toward the Self; the unconscious will not tolerate anything less.

One must be willing to face many cruel truths, those we keep hidden from the light of day, and those we keep hidden from ourselves.

Not only do we have to die to a false image of ourselves, but we have to change our outer life accordingly.

Change means change. We may have all the insights, but if we do not incarnate them, they are all in vain.

We may have to die to our job, to a particular relationship, to our faith. Death is agonizing, lonely, risky.

We have to be willing to suffer the loss of those things that stand in our way to freedom.

It is the Homed Devil who says, “No, there is an easier way, a pain-free way. Come fly with me.”

For the pain of an actual transformation, the Homed Devil would substitute the delusion of an addiction.

Instead of flying, one has first to crawl.

~Marion Woodman, Dancing in the Flames: The Dark Goddess, p. 108

[Art: David Henderson]


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