Sept 8

It is so different than what you think.

It is not the same as everything else,
or as small as everything else (or vain)
or as impotent of impact as everything else,
meaningless and droning in its service unto
anxious escapement from feelings unwanted
when remembering reality as present and now.

It is not a toy.
It is not to be trifled with.
It is not insignificant.

It is capable of eliciting
from any created thing
a gift of transference
a space for unfolding
beholding of each inch
of this and that and these,
present awareness a vaccine
in the veins of corporeal reality.
The divine ousia of its hertz tone.

Do not approach these waters lightly.
Do not eat from this tree in ignorance.

You shall know its roots.


© Charlie Young, 2021

[Art: Kumiko Eharu]

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