“Bridge The Connection” II [09/17/21]

September 17, 2021

Bridge the Connection means
Look back
Follow the steps
One after the other
And arrive back home

“Bridge the connection”

who said this?
To you.
Eyeball to eyeball.
In your own living room.

Your body remembers.

I: “Bridge the connection…” ….with a smile and grin…. those eyes.. that soul….


I: Twice….yes… She said it twice. 

The one you remember now…

I: I remember….. she was right over there…. she sat there, on the couch, across from me in the living room….omg I remember now….. she wasn’t “here”…. But she was…. I have totally suppressed this and forgotten

Was she alone? 

I: no

I: oh my god…no. no she wasn’t alone

I: TS was there
   sitting in the love seat
   in the chair adjacent 

   omg I totally forgot about this


I: i was in the kitchen. Doing dishes and -bam.  Locked in. I sensed it, and It happened upon me. All the switches were suddenly flipped on. I turn around and – bam. There’s TS, right there. And we were Locked in. Just like we used to. That connection I know so well.

I: it had been forever. So long.

I: and omg…they were chatting…TS and D. And… laughing. all friendly like. talking with each other. it was very strange 

Was she holding anything

I: I don’t remember

Was the other

I: Yes

What was she holding

I: A stone

Which stone

I: courage stone

What did she say

I: “Bridge the connection”….
thats was she said…
sitting in the middle of the couch…
looking right at me…smiling huge….
and holding the stone up with both hands
with the One Truth
who is Above All
looking on over all of it
and she said
“Bridge the connection…” 

face so soft
a beckoning home
a pride, a “you did it!
The hard part is over,
just put it all together now”

I: it was shalom and coming home, that moment. the Arkenstone. it was the tie it all together, now

l: it was beautiful

I: that was the second time she said it – not the first time. Because she said it twice. Didn’t she?

When was the first? 

I: The first was when…the court hearing was moved…. I felt lost that day…and I laid down on my couch…. and Courage Stone happened


I: No….
No thats not when she said it….
No her words were different then…..
Her words were…. the poem! Gahhhh thank God I let it speak and put it down someplace where I’d knew it would be for later. Can you imagine having to try and remember all of this stuff without going completely bonkers? 

I: wait… no, that wasn’t the first time “bridge the connection” was said….


When was the first time….
”Bridge The Connection”…


I: It was…. in my  journal…. *looks back*

I: wait…. It wasn’t “her” at all…. Wait a minute….

Bridge the connection : )

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