“Kill The Boy” [09/21/21]

September 21, 2021

I: I am master over you

Are you? 
What are your boundaries with yourself? 

I: …….

If you see us as something to be mastered,
you will have to prove yourself

I: *Vision of some kind of ancient ceremony. Very tribal, very sacred. Some kind of right of passage, a proving of one’s worth by trial or testing or combat or something else. It brings out the inner-child fear in me. I identify myself w/ Charlie now…. When I see him give up after talk has to be backed up with action, the “prove it”…*

This is the Dragon you must slay. 

I: Fear? 

Slay the dragon, Luke.
Kill the boy, Jon Snow. 

And let the man be born.

These were written for your journey by yourself. 
Read. Analyze. Synthesize. Ordo. Integrate. Rise. 

You have only to prove yourself
to yourself. 

The King 
must die
and live

I: How do I unbecome what I have become? 

You cannot unbecome your becoming. 
“Forever in his breast…” 

I: He became it. But knew it not. 

Know. Abide.
What did it take to rise from the dead? 
Ever empathized with that? 

I: The fear in me is terror, a 6-year-old Charlie kind.

With Me.
Know Me.

I need rubble for my new garden.
With a blade that shines in Hell,
Peace we may plant and grow. 

Lord of ALL

Faith your assurance,
you mad, mad King

Bridge the connection

Faith moves mountains
and turns them to rubble
to sinking sea

I: I cannot integrate that which I know. Assist me. 

I: I have a knowing of which makes me know nothing as before. And I feel lost in the woods. 

And so

In the darkness
Now be the dragon
in your dead, dark night

I: What is there left to do? 

Make good on your remaining words
Fight where you can

and how you can
You remember the dream

This is the moment
The suit is in the dumpster

Be Me

Under ancient grove
neath the old hollow
where the ROOTS of the mountain are found…

Find them here.
Find the roots
in the hollow dell.


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