“The King Was Slain” [09/19/21]

September 19. 2021

To the Dark you go,
for analysis

I: I must stay focused in my now. There’s a battle ahead. 

The king was slain long ago

I: …….

∞: There’s nothing to do but wonder: What was it that woke Thorin up after the battle started? What made him suit up and ride out of the mountain with eyes of RED….. Hey, Green Eyes: Now’s a good time to get angry.  


I: What’s next?

Your grief today…
The tears….


I: Ok, so here’s where I’m at: I believe I have been in some kind of state of shock (for several factors) all of which are stored someplace and need to be brought out and into my awareness. I need to begin to assimilate everything I have forgotten and suppressed. I need to revisit these and bring them into an organized summary of Self.

Breathe, then. 

I: Thank you.

Do you think the timing of this is coincidental? 
Your friend Rebeca – do you think she makes it back from the brink? 

Roald Dahl wrote this way, by the way. 

I: Ah. So now I’m integrating.

I: Oh my – and guess who else wrote this way?

Dr. Bingham. Your Yoda. Your teacher. Your mentor.
Long-hand. All of his articles, journals, reviews, books, editorials….

Remember his comments about the pad and pencil…

I: And Wilgus typed.

And there is your Freud (one of them)
Know your own myth

Recount this story, and write it
And… Remember who pointed you to the pen?

I: Dr. Henderson.

Henderson. Your wizard.

“Magic, Harry. Magic.”




The shock was before the graveyard.
The shock was golf cart night. 


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